CellSafe Radiation Reducing Case for iPhone 4, 4S

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You should be concerned because mobile phone radiation may create heath concern which is brain cancer, insomnia,

male fertility, pregnant woman, memory loss, migraines.

Be with CellSafe and protect yourself from mobile radiation.


  • This case reduces SAR radiation up to 94.25% below the ACMA (The Australian Communications and Media Authority) safety Limit.
  • It is of elegant design and stylish too
  • It also reduces the strength of transmitted RF signal that comes from the phone, but rather to redirect and redistribute it away from the users head.
  • Cellsafe is the only radiation reducing mobile phone case tested in Australia by an independent laboratory accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing, Australia)
  • The Cellsafe the case uses a special design of an embedded and purposely designed directional antenna inside the specially formulated silicone case.
  • It is easy to use and provides good protection as a cover to your iPhone too.


So why take chances when you can protect yourself from mobile radiation.



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